Clerk of the Circuit Court

Sarah A. "Kate" Spry , Clerk of the Circuit Court

Deidre D. Martin , Deputy Clerk

Madison Keller , Deputy Clerk

PH: (804) 492-4442

FAX: (804) 492-4876

Hours:, M-F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Land Transactions are recorded from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm


Clerk of the Circuit Court

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is a constitutional officer and is elected to an eight-year term by the voters of the locality. The clerk handles administrative matters for the court, such as managing the Court’s docket and juries, processing all criminal files, and preparing, recording and maintaining court orders, subpoenas and pleadings. All Circuit Court suits and appeals from the lower court are filed and processed by the Clerk. The Clerk has the authority to probate wills and grant administration of estates and serves as general record keeper for the county, recording deeds, deeds of trust, plats and other documents relating to real estate. Other transactions and recordings processed by the Clerk’s Office include judgments, financing statements, partnerships, fictitious names, marriage licenses, concealed weapon permits, military discharges, and a variety of appointments, including ministers and notaries.

Concealed Weapon Permit Application

The fee for a concealed weapon permit is $50.00 payable to Clerk of the Circuit Court.

You can download an application from the following website:


Deed Calculation


Civil Filing Fee Calculations



Cumberland County’s records go back to 1749 when the county was formed. We have the following records: wills, deeds, marriages and court order books. There are very few birth and death records (births 1853-1870 and deaths 1853-1885).

If a researcher provides a book and page number reference, the Clerk’s Office staff will make copies for 50 cents per page.


Marriage License

Marriage licenses are issued in the Clerk's office up to 4:00 PM.

Marriage ceremonies are not performed by the Clerk’s Office.

Fee: $30.00

Certified copy of marriage license: $2.50

License expires 60 days from date of issuance.

Both parties must be present.

Valid photo ID required.

Must be 18 years of age.

If under the age of 18 years, a parent must be present and birth certificates presented.

Full names of parents are needed.

Please come in one-half hour prior to closing to allow sufficient time to complete the application.

Virginia State Code Marriage Requirements can be found here.


Military DD-214

The DD-214 is filed in the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office of the city or county where you reside.

Please bring the original or an authenticated copy.

There is no fee to file a DD-214.


Notary Applications

Applications for an appointment of Notary Public are available in the Clerk’s Office.

You can also download an application from the following website:


Probate / Qualifications

Please call the Clerk’s Office to set up an appointment to probate a will and/or qualify as a personal representative of an estate and to obtain information that will be needed by the Clerk. The original will must be brought to the Clerk’s Office. Any person probating a will or seeking qualification on an estate must have an estimate of the value of all assets owned by the decedent. Please bring a copy of the death certificate.


Secure Remote Access for Land Records

Secure remote access is available for land records begining January 1, 1993.

To register for access to LTO Online go to the following website:

LTO fees are as follows:

1. Individual User Account: $50/month

2. Multiple User Account: $200/month (includes 5 users)


Virginia's Judicial System

Please see the Supreme Court of Virginia’s website for information on the Virginia judicial system and information on jury service.

For additional details concerning the Cumberland County courts, please visit SCV's website.


Vital Records

Applications to request birth or death certificates from the Office of Vital Records are available at the Clerk’s Office or can be downloaded from the Virginia Department of Health's Website:

For more information on vital records from the Virginia Department of Health and their fees, please visit the following website: