Planning Commission Board


General Information:


The Planning Commission is the County’s appointed planning body staffed by planning department staff. The Commission provides the Board of Supervisors with recommendations pertaining to land use matters that include the Comprehensive Plan, Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and subdivision and zoning requests. All Commission meeting are open to the public. For more information contact Sara Carter (804) 492 - 3625.


District Representatives 
Mr. Randy Bryant - District 1 
Mr. Stephen Donahue- District 2 
Dr. Bill Burger , Chair - District 3 
Mr. Hubert Allen - District 4 
Mr. Roland Gilliam - District 5

Non - District Representatives 
At Large - Mrs. Irene Wyatt , Vice-Chair 
At Large - Mr. Larry Atkins 
Board of Supervisors Liaison - Mr. Meinhard
Secretary – Ms. Sara Carter


Regular meetings are held monthly at 6:30 PM on the 3rd Monday of the month unless otherwise noted. The purpose of the regular meeting is to review and conduct public hearings on current development applications as needed. The location for all Planning Commission meetings is room C-8 of the Cumberland Community Center unless otherwise noted. All regular meetings include a period for general public comment.



Workshops are held quarterly or as needed at the same time and location as regular meetings. The purpose of a workshop is to focus on long-range and comprehensive planning matters. If there are no items for the agenda for any workshop, it may be canceled with prior notification. Workshops are open to the public, but there is no general public comment period unless noted.


(*) – means meeting date is on 4th Monday of the month due to normal schedule coinciding with a holiday.