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Mackenzie Tate,   Permit Technician

P.O. Box 110, Cumberland, VA  23040

PH: (804) 492-9114, M-F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm 


General Information

The Building Office is responsible for ensuring public safety and welfare associated with the design, construction and utilization of residential and commercial buildings. All contractors and homeowners must obtain a building permit when constructing, remodeling, adding or demolishing any building in Cumberland County.

When applying for a permit to build a structure you will need to submit an application with (2) two full sets of plans.  You will receive (1) one set back upon the building permit being issued. If there are other structures already on the property you will need to know how far those are going to be to the new structure. Also, you will need to know what the setbacks are from the structure to all property lines for zoning approval. Please be aware that the cut off time for processing and accepting applications is 4 pm daily. 


        Contractor Lookup 

Unlicensed Contracting is Illegal,  Please use this website to find and/or verify the contractor you intend to use has a license and the specialty needed to do the work you are requesting.  You can also call DPOR at 804-367-8511 for further information 

*    Hire A Licensed Contractor - Attachment

*    Consumer Guide to Home Improvement Contracts - Attachment

*    10 Tips for making sure your contractor measures up - Attachment


        Current Code References

Residential Construction: 2012 edition of the International Residential Code

Commercial Construction: 2012 edition of the International Building Code

Plumbing: 2012 edition of the International Plumbing

Mechanical: 2012 edition of the International Mechanical Code

Electrical: 2011 edition of the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70)


        Building Design Criteria:


Ground Snow Load


Wind speed (mph)


Seismic Design Category


Weathering Moderate Frost Line Depth




Winter Design Temp.

37.9 F.

Ice Barrier Underlay Req’d.


Flood Hazards




All decks regardless of size are required to have a permit and inspections. Please have 2 copies of detailed drawings of your proposed deck(s), fill out this form ( Form )  or it will be inspected under the prescriptive residential wood construction guide. You will need to know what the setbacks are from the deck to all other structures and all property lines for zoning approval.



All structures that exceed 256 square feet of building space will need to be on a permanent foundation. This includes buildings such as sheds and carports. The only time you would not obtain a building permit would be if you are building a residential accessory structure that is less than 256 square feet. 



*****When calling for an inspection please give our office as much notice as possible.  We cannot guarantee an inspection the same day you call into our office.*****

Inspections are to be completed for each step of the building process.  The following are general items that will require inspections:

*Footing (prior to the placing of concrete)


*Rough In: Elect/Plumbing/HVAC/Gas/Framing

*Block Anchor Strapping

*Marriage Line


*Final Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC/Frame

*Certificate for Electrical





All demolition work will require a permit and an inspection.  When removing structures such as homes, singlewides, doublewides or a modular,  it is required that a letter from your power company stating that the lines have been rolled back to their electric pole be provided to our office prior to the permit being issued. This is important for your safety and those completing such work.


         Agricultural Structures

Agricultural buildings also require a permit.  You are able to add electrical, plumbing and mechanical to these structures. These permits do not have fees associated with them at this time.  Our office will not perform inspections on these structures.  We do encourage you to use state license contractors to erect your buildings. You will also be required to complete the zoning application and meet all current zoning setbacks.




*** Applications / Payments / Forms / Links ***

All applications must be completely filled out prior to submitting them for a permit. If you are not sure what information goes in particular fields please contact our office for help. Applications that are not completely/correctly filled out will not be processed. 


Building Permit Requirements - (link)

Building Fee Schedule - (Schedule)

Building Permit - (Application) 

Asbestos and Demolition Certificate Form- (Form)

Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, & Gas Permit -  (Application)

Pool Fencing Affidavit - (Form)

PAYING FOR A PERMIT - Make a payment (HERE)


2012 Commonwealth of Virginia Codes (link)

ADA Standards - Reference Guide (link)

2012 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (link)

County Codes (link)


Miss Utility - Call before you dig, it's the law

For further info please visit this website