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County Projects

Piedmont Regional Jail Participation

Cumberland County is one of six counties that participates in the Piedmont Regional Jail.  The annual savings to each of the participating localities is shown in the chart below.  In addition to this savings, eligible inmates routinely provide labor for roadside litter clean-up and maintenance projects for the County and Schools.  Piedmont Regional Jail is recognized as being the most efficiently run regional jail in the State.

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Cobbs Creek





Cobbs Creek Project Resolution

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

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Host Agreement Cumberland County Development Company, LLC County Administrator


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Landfill (FAQs)

General Frequently Asked Questions - Landfill

Department of Environmental Quality Publication

Prescription Discount Cards

Attention all Cumberland County Residents!  Spend less on your prescriptions!  Introducing the Cumberland County Prescription Discount Card.  Enrollment is free for Cumberland Residents!  You may pick up your free prescription discount card in the County Administrator’s Office, or you can download your free card todayonline.

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