Stuart Harris, Director of Maintenance

PH: (804) 492-3625, M-F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


General Information


General Duties Include:

1) Preventative maintenance on County and School buildings and equipment
2) Repairs to county and school buildings
3) Maintenance at Madison ball fields
4) 911 Road sign placement and repair
5) Snow and ice removal at County buildings and schools
6) Transfer station site maintenance
7) General County grounds and landscape maintenance:

a) 911 Center
b) Department of Social Services
c) Library
e) Administration Complex
f) Brown's Voting Precinct Bldg.
g) Filter Station
h) Walking Trail
i) Thomas Chapel
j) Voter Registrars Office
k) Welcome to Cumberland signs
l) Old Jail / Museum
m) Madison ball fields
o) Maintenance shop / Animal Pound

8) Climate control at County and school buildings
9) Abandoned landfill maintenance
10) Site lighting at Administration complex
11) General housekeeping at County buildings and CEAC
12) Assist with DSS commodities truck
13) County fleet vehicle maintenance
14) Logistics for County meetings and seminars
15) Coordination of County construction / improvement projects
16) Oversight of County and school sub-contractors and maintenance agreements
17) 24 / 7 on call for after hour requirements
18) Assist with water and sewer maintenance / repair when necessary
19) County equipment and machinery maintenance
20)  Coordinating state mandated equipment inspections