Building Inspection


new                New air leakage testing requirements / 2018 code changes

Building Office

The Building Office is responsible for ensuring public safety and welfare associated with the design, construction and utilization of residential and commercial buildings. All contractors and homeowners must obtain a building permit when constructing, remodeling, adding or demolishing any building in Cumberland County.

Applying for Permits

§ 54.1-1111 Prerequisites to obtaining permits

The applicant shall also furnish satisfactory proof that the taxes or license fees required by any county, city, or town have been paid so as to be qualified to bid upon or contract for the work for which the permit has been applied.

When applying for a permit to build a structure you will need to submit an application with 2 full sets of plans. You will receive 1 set back upon the building permit being issued. If there are other structures already on the property you will need to know how far those are going to be from the new structure. Also, you will need to know what the setbacks are from the structure to all property lines for zoning approval.

Please be aware that the cut off time for processing and accepting applications is pm daily.

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