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email inspection requests:

When requesting for an inspection please give our office as much notice as possible. We cannot guarantee an inspection the same day you call into our office.

Please note our office is closed every third Thursday of each month for training.

Inspections are to be completed for each step of the building process. 

Code section 116 Certificates of Occupancy: 116.1 General; when to be issued

Prior to occupancy or change of occupancy of a building or structure, a certificate of occupancy shall be obtained in accordance with this section. The building official shall issue the certificate of occupancy within five working days after approval of the final inspection and when the building or structure or portion thereof is determined to be in compliance with this code and any pertinent laws or ordinances, or when otherwise entitled.


    1. A certificate of occupancy is not required for an accessory structure as defined in the IRC.

   2. A new certificate of occupancy is not required for an addition to an existing Group R-5 building that already has a certificate of occupancy.

  Code section 109.5 - One set of the approved construction documents shall be retained for the records of the local building department and one set shall be kept at the building site and shall be available to the building official at all reasonable times.  ****   

Residential Inspection Requirements (PDF)

New Air Leakage Testing Requirements - 2018 Code

Third Party Policy (PDF)

Approved 3rd party inspectors list

Updated changes as of 2-1-2022 (PDF)

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