March 5th, 2024 Election Notice

Cumberland County Sample Ballot

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The Registrar’s Office is responsible for:

  • Assisting candidates with the certification process and reviewing referendum petitions for accuracy
  • Assisting in training of an elected officer
  • Completing payroll, salaries, and expense compensation to officers of election
  • Expediting public advertisement as needed for elections
  • Forwarding all applications and updated information to other jurisdictions, including sending national application forms to other states if needed, along with processing all cancellations of voter registrations received from other states and from individual voters
  • Mailing letters to officers of the elections and keeping records of all election workers and the precinct in which they worked
  • Presenting and answering voting and electoral questions and ensuring that state guidelines are followed
  • Processing letters and updating information received from registered voters
  • Processing a prohibited voter list of felons and deaths and send voter cards to any voter upon request when a person’s registration changes; we also keep updated records of active and deleted files to check for filing accuracy
  • Processing voter registration applications and change of address/transfer requests from the Department of Motor Vehicles and other agencies; handled in person and by mail
  • Purging records when requested by the State Board
  • Receiving approval from the Department of Justice for any proposed change in polling places
  • Sending absentee applications and ballots to voters upon request
  • Serving as liaison between the State Board of Elections and the Electoral Board - In doing so, the Registrar’s office follows each election on election night and helps to canvass the results and report the election results on a secure computer server as directed by the State Board of Elections

Voting Precincts

Cumberland County voting precincts are hosted by the following locations:

  • CAP Precinct - 1487 Anderson Hwy, Cumberland, VA  23040 
  • District 101 - Cartersville Rescue Squad - 1667 Cartersville Rd, Cartersville, VA  23027
  • District 201 - Cumberland Fire Department - 30 Old Buckingham Rd, Cumberland, VA  23040
  • District 301 - Cumberland Community Center - 1874 Anderson Hwy, Cumberland, VA  23040
  • District 401 - Southern Cumberland Community Center (Randolph Fire Department) - 2145 Cumberland Rd, Farmville, VA  23901
  • District 501 - Southern Cumberland Community Center (Randolph Fire Department) - 2145 Cumberland Rd, Farmville, VA  23901

Election Schedule

  • President and Vice President of the U.S. - elected every 4 years
  • U.S. Senator - elected every 6 years
  • U.S. House of Representatives - elected every 2 years
  • Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General - elected every 4 years
  • Senate of Virginia - elected every 4 years
  • Virginia House of Delegates - elected every 2 years
  • Board of Supervisors and School Board - elected every 4 years
  • Local Constitutional Officers (Sheriff, Treasurer, Commissioner of Revenue, and Commonwealth’s Attorney) - elected every 4 years
  • Clerk of Circuit Court - elected every 8 years

Redistricting Information

The Redistricting process is required by state law and the Virginia Constitution and takes place every ten years after the decennial Census. The last redistricting process took place in 2011. At the January 2011 Board of Supervisor meeting, the Board appointed members to the Redistricting Committee and charged them with the task of redrawing the magisterial district lines. 

Cumberland has five magisterial districts. Each district (PDF) covers a different geographical area of the County. The goal of the Redistricting Committee is to equally distribute population amongst each of the five voting districts. 

Any questions should be directed to the County Administrator’s Office at 804-492-3625.

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