Victim / Witness Assistance Program


The Victim/Witness Assistance Program's responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Assisting if you would like someone to escort you to court and provide emotional support
  • Assisting in verifying your court date or obtaining follow-up information regarding the status of your case
  • Explaining courtroom procedures or answering questions about your role as a witness
  • Providing assistance in obtaining reimbursement for travel expenses related to court appearances if you are an out-of-town victim and/or witness
  • Providing information about and applications for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund

Take Your Case to Court

If you are the victim of a crime, please follow these steps for taking your case to court: For misdemeanors: Contact the Cumberland County Sheriff’s office (804-492-4120) and request that a Magistrate be brought in to speak with you about whether a criminal warrant can be issued on your behalf. The Magistrate has the right to refuse to issue a warrant.

For felonies, contact the Cumberland County Sheriff’s office at 804-492-4120 and ask to speak with a deputy so that your case can be investigated.


Please do not take out frivolous or falsified criminal warrants. You should take out a criminal warrant only if you want the other person criminally prosecuted, fined and/or jailed. Persons who choose to obtain falsified criminal warrants against others could face possible criminal prosecution that could result in conviction, fines and/or incarceration.

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